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[CROSS-BROADCAST]Security Stories Ep. 27: Dealing with stress, burnout and mental health in the threat intelligence industry

This is a very different episode in that it isn’t really a BWT episode at all. Hazel Burton from the Security Stories podcast invited Matt and Mitch to come on with the leader of Talos, Matt Watchinski. The idea was to chat with Hazel and her co-hosts Ben and Sana about burnout from three levels of a security research team. What followed as we all started talking was real and unfiltered conversation from many very different points of view. We talked about what has worked, what hasn’t, and our own struggles with self-care while trying to take care of our respective teams, families, and friends -- hopefully some of our collective experience is useful to you. Original broadcast - [Security Stories podcast, ep 27](https://securitystories.buzzsprout.com/926089/8473674-27-dealing-with-stress-and-burnout-in-the-threat-intelligence-industry-with-matt-watchinski-matt-olney-and-mitch-neff)

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Talos Takes Ep. #57: What's in it for both sides of the ransomware-as-a-service model?